Douglas County Appraiser (Kansas)

Search for Douglas County, KS county appraisers. A county appraiser search can provide information on appealing an appraisal, hiring an appraiser, historical appraisal values, property appraisals, property inspections, property improvements, appraisal reports, current owners, former owners, unpaid property taxes, tax liens, foreclosures, potential buyers, and property research.

The Douglas County Assessor helps calculate property taxes by appraising all the taxable property in Douglas County, Kansas. Assessors maintain a number of documents related to property appraisals, including property inspections, buildings, improvements, and renovations, as well as property appraisal reports. Their office also keeps records on Douglas County property tax assessments, current and former owners, the property's size and location, and any unpaid property taxes or tax liens. The Assessor Office provides information on how to hire an independent appraiser, how to appeal Douglas County tax appraisals, and a property's historical appraisal values. These documents can be an important resource for property owners or potential buyers in Douglas County, KS. The Assessor Office may provide access to appraisal records on their website.

Douglas County Assessor's Office Lawrence KS 1100 Massachusetts Street 66044 785-832-5107

The Douglas County Building Department creates and enforces building codes and zoning regulations in order to ensure the construction of safe buildings in Douglas County, Kansas. As part of this job, Building Departments maintain a number of property-related records, including information on property appraisals. These records may show past appraisal values, property tax assessments, Douglas County building code violations, and property improvements or renovations. The Douglas County Building Department must certify that building or renovation plans meet local Kansas city and county rules and regulations, and these reports list details about the property, the amount spent on improvements, and any violations, which makes them important sources for potential buyers or current property owners. These records may be available on the Building Department website.

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Douglas County Planning and Zoning Department Lawrence KS 6 East 6th Street 66044 785-832-3150

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The Douglas County Clerk maintains public records for Douglas County, Kansas, including vital records like birth certificates and marriage licenses. They also keep a number of Douglas County property records, which include property appraisals, property inspections, and property tax assessments. These records list the current and former owners, provide details about the property such as its size and location, and show any unpaid Douglas County property taxes or tax liens. The Clerk Office may also provide information on how to appeal a Douglas County property appraisal and how to hire an independent appraiser, as well as a history of the property's appraisal values. These documents are valuable sources of information, particularly for current owners or potential buyers. Property appraisal records may be available to the public on the Clerk Office website.

Douglas County Clerk Lawrence KS 1100 Massachusetts Street 66044 785-832-5181

The Douglas County Recorder of Deeds ensures the accuracy of property, land, and property tax records in Douglas County, Kansas. As part of this job, they keep a range of Douglas County real estate and property records for their county. These records include information on property appraisals, including past appraisal values, property improvements and renovations, and Douglas County property tax assessments. The Deeds Recorder also has information on the current and former owners of any property, the property's size and location, and its payment history, such as Douglas County tax liens, unpaid property taxes, or foreclosures. They may also provide information on a property's appraisal values over time. The property appraisal values held by the Recorder of Deeds may be available online.

Douglas County Recorder of Deeds Lawrence KS 1100 Massachusetts Street 66044 785-832-5282