Strafford County Appraiser (New Hampshire)

The Strafford County Clerk maintains public records for Strafford County, New Hampshire, including vital records like birth certificates and marriage licenses. They also keep a number of Strafford County property records, which include property appraisals, property inspections, and property tax assessments. These records list the current and former owners, provide details about the property such as its size and location, and show any unpaid Strafford County property taxes or tax liens. The Clerk Office may also provide information on how to appeal a Strafford County property appraisal and how to hire an independent appraiser, as well as a history of the property's appraisal values. These documents are valuable sources of information, particularly for current owners or potential buyers. Property appraisal records may be available to the public on the Clerk Office website.

Barrington Town Clerk Barrington NH 41 Province Road 03825 603-664-5476

Durham Town Clerk Durham NH 15 Newmarket Road 03824 603-868-5577

Middleton Town Clerk Middleton NH 182 Kings Highway 03887 603-473-2576

Milton Town Clerk Milton NH 424 White Mountain Highway 03851 603-652-9414

New Durham Clerk New Durham NH 4 Main Street 03855 603-859-7171

Strafford County Clerk Dover NH 259 County Farm Road 03820 855-212-1234

The Strafford County Building Department creates and enforces building codes and zoning regulations in order to ensure the construction of safe buildings in Strafford County, New Hampshire. As part of this job, Building Departments maintain a number of property-related records, including information on property appraisals. These records may show past appraisal values, property tax assessments, Strafford County building code violations, and property improvements or renovations. The Strafford County Building Department must certify that building or renovation plans meet local New Hampshire city and county rules and regulations, and these reports list details about the property, the amount spent on improvements, and any violations, which makes them important sources for potential buyers or current property owners. These records may be available on the Building Department website.

Barrington Town Planning Department Barrington NH 41 Province Road 03825 603-664-5798

Dover City Building Department Dover NH 262 6th Street 03820 603-516-6038

Dover Permits Dover NH 288 Central Avenue 03820 603-742-4646

Dover Planning Department Dover NH 288 Central Avenue 03820 603-743-6008

Dover Zoning Dover NH 288 Central Avenue 03820 603-516-6008

Lee Planning and Zoning Department Lee NH 7 Mast Road 03861 603-659-6783

New Durham Zoning New Durham NH 4 Main Street 03855 603-859-7171

Rochester Building Department Rochester NH # 107, 31 Wakefield St, # 107 03867 603-332-3508

Rochester Planning Department Rochester NH 31 Wakefield Street, # 2 03867 603-335-1338

Somersworth Zoning Somersworth NH 1 Government Way 03878 603-692-9517